What will happen to illegal immigrants unsuccesful in legalizing?

Undocumented immigrants are eagerly waiting for comprehensive immigration reform that will finally end their wait for legalization.  These aspiring Americans are planning on make their roots even deeper but apart from all the challenges of passing an immigration overhaul, the biggest challenge will be how to accommodate as many illegal immigrants as possible.  Needless to say that individuals who have committed serious crimes (the actual breakup of what criminal actions will disqualify you) are totally going to be left out, but there will be many others who will not be able to take advantage of the amnesty.  The reasons will be many, but some are more straightforward like not having the documentation that the USCIS will demand but other reasons could be more complicated depending on how you entered the United States, how you lived your life, and if something goes wrong during the approval process.

So what will happen to all those unauthorized immigrants who are unable to adjust their status in the United States?   Well, so far it has been relatively easy for illegal immigrants to live in the US and that is what explains the massive number of illegal aliens who live, study, and work.  Once they fail to take advantage of legalization options, many of might be able to go on with their lives the way they have so far, but there are several changes that have either already been made or are being made that will make their lives in the United States difficult on even impossible, forcing them to self-deport, in case they are not forcibly deported.

How can that be?   A recent Migration Policy Institute report has found that since the terrorist attacks of September 2011, the government has collected enormous data on residents in the USA.  Obviously the improvement in technology has been very helpful but so has been the expenditure on immigration enforcement.  Just during 2012, a whopping $18 billion was spent by the Obama Administration and that is why millions of unauthorized aliens were deported.  While many immigrants are still able to cross the border illegally, it has become so much harder and even if we account for the lack of jobs, the numbers are way down.  There are still weaknesses in the system that the illegal immigrants maybe able to exploit like the reluctance of employers to use eVerify database to confirm that an employee is authorized to work legally in the United States and the government still does not track if visitors and those with non-immigrant visas leave once their visas expire. But despite these weaknesses in the system, those of you who are unable to get a legal status will find it much harder to work and live and will need to consider options like voluntarily leaving to your home country to start a new life using all the wonderful things you have learned during your time here.

Impact of Obama Amnesty and Comprehensive Immigration Reform on undocumented aliens ineligible for legalization

It is awesome that illegal immigrants under Obama Amnesty will be able to get a green card eventually acquire American citizenship.   But will every illegal in America be able to become legal?  Well, if you have a serious criminal past, then you are out.  Also there will be many others who will not be able to legalize themselves.  For example, it will cost thousands of dollars in application fees, attorney bills, penalties, and back taxes, that many immigrants will not be able to afford it.  Other aliens may be unable to provide satisfactory documentation for the application.  If you entered the United States with a fake passport or visa or committed fraud, you cannot be legalized.  In order to become a permanent resident, you will need to have some level of fluency in the English language.  A good work record will also be needed. 

Use of Everify will make it nearly impossible to find work illegally.  ICE will easily find people who will be without papers because most people will be documented.  The net result is that illegals who cannot take advantage of the Obama amnesty will find that they have to simply self-deport.
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