Probability of immigration reform under President Obama

Illegal immigrants have two things to celebrate.  Teabagger Republican of South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint has decided to quit the Senate.  He was a sworn enemy of the undocumented immigrants and was a key player in killing immigration reform in the past.  He would have definitely become a stumbling block to President Obama's Comprehensive Immigration Reform plan.  It is not that he is going away completely.  As the president of the Heritage Foundation, he will continue to have enormous influence over GOP policies and direction, but the way Republican politicians are abandoning Grover Norquist, they might also ignore him.  The best news is that he would not have a vote, especially the power of filibuster, and a think tank can only do so much.

The other important piece of news is that Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, while no friend of Latinos (yes, while reasonable people find it impossible to believe but there are some stupid Hispanics who actually are Republicans), is predicting that there is a 50% possibility that some form of immigration amnesty with a pathway to citizenship will pass within Obama's second term.  He tends to prefer a single package of reforms that would once and for all take care of all the undocumented immigrants, though, it might be a devious plot by him to please both sides.  Experts agree that one comprehensive bill to deal with all types of unauthorized immigrants is definitely going to die in Congress but by pushing that bill, he will be able to appeal to the Hispanic voters pleading that he tried to help and someone else killed it, but it will also please his Tea Party supporters who will be happy that Obama failed.