Legalization, not a path to citizenship, for illegal immigrants

While advocates for illegal immigrants have pushed for not just an amnesty but also a pathway to naturalization, it appears that we might see two separate pathways.  The so-called DREAMers through the DREAM Act maybe eventually able to become US citizens, all those who are in the United States illegally and entered the country when they were adults, will only have legal status.  The reason this dual strategy is being put forward is because while there is some sympathy among lawmakers for children, rewarding undocumented immigrants who broke American laws with citizenship sounds as if criminal action is being encouraged, it also discourages future illegal immigration, (it is also to understood that some politics is involved -- if President Obama and the Democrats are the ones who make this amnesty happen, and with the already high level of support for them among Latinos and most other immigrant groups, it is expected that these new citizens would support the Democratic party).  It also makes sure that we do not see a wave of legal immigrants who will then also become citizenship and burden the already fragile social welfare programs.

While details are still being discussed, it appears that illegal immigrants will get a work permit and a document authorizing their status in the country for a certain period of time, subject to renewal if conditions like paying taxes and staying out of trouble are met.  They maybe able to sponsor family members like spouses and children the way permanent residents are allowed to, but they would be subject to waiting times and quotas, thus, limiting number of people who can come to the US.  They will, obviously, not be able to sponsor family members the way US citizens can do.

Those immigrants who were minors when they first entered the United States and if they have gotten education and stayed out of criminal activities, will take the DREAM Act route, and eventually be able to naturalize. 

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