What happens during biometrics appointment for naturalization?

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In order to receive American citizenship through naturalization, you will need to fill USCIS Form N400 along with several supporting documents, and if everything is in order, you will receive a notification from the agency asking you to show up for fingerprinting at an Application Support Center (ASC) near you.  Depending on where you live, this place could be close, but may also be several hours away, so be prepared to arrive on time.  Follow the instructions in the letter (if you lose the letter for some reason, contact USCIS immediately and most likely you can get a copy by fax or your appointment can be postponed to a later date, but if you do not show up and do not contact customer service, your application will be considered abandoned and you will not get a refund), which you will definitely need to get inside the building.

What to bring?  As a green card holder, carry that as well with you, along with your passport, and if you have one, another ID like a driver's license. I also suggest that you bring your naturalization file with you because you may be asked to fill another form and having your file with you allows you to have the information consistent.  You definitely do not want the information to be inconsistent in any way because that just creates problems.

As I always tell people, you have to take any interaction with the USCIS seriously and with professionalism.  While no one will deny you the service if you show up looking like a vagabond, my advice is to dress as if you will for a white collar job interview.  You do not need to wear expensive clothes, but having simple, conservative and clean clothes always creates a good impression.  Since a photograph of yours will also be taken and it will be affixed to your naturalization certificate, wearing good clothes and proper makeup ensures that you get a good headshot for a document that you will have for your life.

Dress code for ladies:  For women of all ages, for instance, a simple skirt, blouse, and jacket are ideal.  So are blouse, pants, and dresses.  If you wear ethnic clothing, that is fine as well, but you will need to reveal your face, according to US laws.  There is no justification for showing too much cleavage or wearing very short dresses.  A pair of clean shoes are also appropriate.

Dress code for guys:  For men, a shirt (or a Polo) with pants along with a pair of dressy shoes are ideal.  While you can get away with other attire, I would say stick to something simply like this.

What will happen?  The whole process is simple but you might have to wait for your turn.  Basically, your fingerprints will be taken on a machine.  You will also be required to sign your name and a picture of your will also be taken.  Once you are done, you will not know anything about the outcome of your background check there, and should leave the facility.  The employees at ASC merely collect the fingerprints and the background check is done by a separate team at another location.  The result of your security clearance is not sent to you, but if you are cleared, then you will be invited for an interview.
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