ACHIEVE Act introduced in Congress in place of DREAM Act

In a major setback to DREAMers who were hoping for the DREAM Act that wold have not only given them legal status but also led to naturalization, Republican senators John Kyl of Arizona and Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas have introduced a bill -- the ACHIEVE Act -- that would not create a path to citizenship but allow them to live and work legally in the country.  I have already provided details on the so-called W-1, W-2 and W-3 visas that are part of the program.
Obviously, this bill covers a lot fewer illegal immigrants, has a very higher bar for eligibility, and provides a very restricted life in America with restrictions on using social welfare programs like food stamps, student loans, and will need to report to law enforcement every six months

It does not mean that this bill will become law but it is also highly unlikely that undocumented immigrants will get everything that they want.  The most likely bill will be a compromise because President Obama and Democrats need a lot of GOP support to get this done.
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